Sunday, 12 February 2017

Event Preview: 1st Birthday Party

Our next event is just one week away and we have an exciting new venue!  The Pig & Butcher in Five Ash Down will be hosting us next Sunday evening and we have some fabulous bakes to sample:

Becky MMini Yorkshire Puds with Roast Beef
Katie UFruity Sausage Rolls
Helen CaCheese & Ham Straws
Pamela MCheese & Chorizo Puffs
Laura DBirthday surprise cake
Sharon FSummer Sausage Rolls
Lynda W-SCheddar Cheese Puffs
Hemina PFunfetti Cupcakes

I know a few of you have mentioned struggling to know what to bake this time, I've had a few more ideas so please do get in touch if you need help deciding!  

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Event: Our First Birthday!

Our first meeting last year was on 10th February, we will be celebrating our 1st birthday on Sunday 19th February, 19:30-21:30.

Image Source

This meeting's theme will be birthday party food!  Bake us your most fabulous bakes for our birthday bash!  Think retro or modern, sausage rolls and birthday cake, sprinkles and vol-au-vents and all manner of miniature foods!

Image Source

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As always, if you'd like to join us, just choose a bake to bring and email Becky to reserve your spot.  Duplicate bakes will be asked to choose again so get in quick if there's something specific you'd like to bake!  

If you're new and want to know more about what goes on, you can see previous event reports here and read more about how it works on our about page.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Event Report: Christmas Party

We had our Christmas do last night and as usual enjoyed some lovely bakes.  Again, a nice mixture of sweet & savoury, all with a Christmassy theme.  

Left Column: Chai Spiced Baked Chocolate Cheesecake, Black Forest Cheesecake Brownies, Peanut & Chocolate Cookies 
Middle Column: Rosemary & Sea Salt Shortbread with Baked Camembert, Ginger Reindeer Biscuits
Right Column: Cranberry & White Chocolate Cookies, Guinea Fowl & Ginger Sausage Rolls, 
Baileys Cheesecake, Christmas Pudding Scones

We had 8 bakers this evening (Nadine isn't in the pictures as she came later) but we had 9 bakes as Lilian had dropped hers off earlier in the day but couldn't attend in the evening. 

You can see the full list of who made what in our event preview.

Pamela brought a bottle of Prosecco which we thoroughly enjoyed, with some Elderflower Fizz for the drivers.  I've had so much fun at Baking Club over the last 11 months and can't wait to see how we grow in the new year.  We'll hopefully have one or two practical sessions and be sharing many more recipes on the blog.  Thank you to everyone who's been along to one of our meetings, I've loved meeting you all and trying your delicious bakes!

Enjoy the festivities over Christmas and New Year, I'm going to have a bit of a break but will be back in the new year to organise our next meeting.  Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Event Preview - Christmas Party

So far we have the following bakers and bakes to look forward to (I STILL haven't decided!) at our Christmas Party next Thursday.  If you'd like to join us (or if you think your name should be on the list already), please let me know asap.

Becky MBlack Forest Cheesecake Brownies
Lynda W-SReindeer Gingerbread Biscuits
Pamela MChai Spiced Chocolate Cheesecake
Emma JGuinea Fowl and Ginger Sausage Rolls
Hemina PChristmas Pudding Scones
Nadine HRosemary & Cornish Sea Salt Christmas Shortbread with Camembert
Helen CoMince Pies
Katie UBailey's Cheesecake
Helen CaChocolate & Peanut Christmas Cookies
Lilian TWhite Chocolate & Cranberry Cookies

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Event Report: Autumn Vegetables

Well, what a turn out!  We had 14 lovely bakers at November's meeting and some seriously yummy bakes!  It's a bit more difficult to try 14 bakes so you have to be more tactical and take teenie slices before going back for bigger chunks of your favourites!

Since we had so many this time, I've added all the photos to a collage rather than making you scroll through 14 images of cakes and bakes.  For the list of who made each bake, please see our event preview.

L-R Top: Carrot & Orange Spiced Cake, Butternut Squash Scones, Butternut Squash & Ginger Tea Loaf
L-R 2nd row: Beetroot Chocolate Brownies, Courgette & Lime Cake, Kale & Apple Cake
L-R 3rd Row: Sweet Potato, Cinnamon & Honey Cake, Free From Carrot Cake,
Coconut & Carrot Flapjacks, Butternut Squash & Maple Cupcakes
L-R Bottom: Handwa, Spinach & Feta Pies, Parsnip & Lemon Cupcakes with Ginger Icing

It was also a bit of a squeeze getting everyone in to my living room as we were just short of the 15 required for a certain venue in town to accommodate us.  I've had a new idea of where might suit though so watch this space for a new venue if we continue to be popular!

I had a fantastic evening and everyone really seemed to enjoy it.  There were plenty of interesting combinations to try among the bakes and some surprising hits!

It was lovely getting to meet so many new baking enthusiasts, we had such a lively meeting with lots of cake based chat as well as general chit chat.  I can't wait for the next one!

(The next event is our Christmas party on which you can find details here.)

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Event Preview: Autumn Vegetables

We have lots of new members attending this month with 13 bakes in total!  Details have just been sent out so please get in touch if you haven't received the address.

We will be enjoying the following bakes:

Becky MParsnip & Ginger Cupcakes
Lilian TCourgette & Orange Cake
Holly MPumpkin & Maple Muffins
Helen CKale & Apple Cake
Laura DSweet Potato Cake
Suzanne D-WPumpkin Scones
Sharon WBeetroot Chocolate Brownies
Emma JCarrot Cake
Lynda W-SMini Spinach & Feta Pies
Katie UVegetable & Goats' Cheese Tart
Helen CButternut Squash & Ginger Teabread
Rose HParsnip & Spiced Orange Cake
Hemina PSavoury Gujarati Cake

They all sound so interesting, I can't wait to try them, quite a few different things I've never tasted before!

See you all on Sunday, please bring a knife (if required) and plate to display your bake.  Tea & Coffee and water will be provided, feel free to bring along something else to drink if you wish.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Event: Christmas Party!

Our Christmas party will be held on Thursday 15th December from 7:30 - 9:30pm.

To join in the festivities and sample some Christmas themed goodies, please let me know your choice of bake to reserve your place asap!  The usual suspects are likely to get snapped up fast so if you have something specific in mind, drop me an email as we try to avoid duplicates.

Remember, you don't need to be an expert baker to take part, just enjoy baking and eating said bakes!  There's no judging and it's all very informal, a bit of fun with fellow baking fans and a great way to meet new people.  Our Christmas event would be a great one to start with if you've been unsure about coming along!

I've just updated our "about" section on the Facebook page to include the following summary:

"We are a fun baking (eating) club who like to share yummy bakes and get to know new people in the local area. 

with Uckfield WI, we have members of all ages and baking abilities. We meet every 6 weeks or so (often on a Sunday evening) and have a different theme for every meeting.

You don't have to be in the WI, nor a master baker to join! We aren't strict and there's no judging, just come along and enjoy all sorts of different bakes.

If you'd like to join us, please head to our website for more information on how it works and what you need to do."

As it's our Christmas party, I shall treat us all to some mulled wine (or un-mulled if that's not to your taste) and the usual tea and coffee will be available of course!

Of course, I always make a few suggestions and despite some of these being obvious choices, they are Christmas classics:

Mince Pies
Christmas Cake
Stollen or even a Stollen Wreath!
Sausage Rolls
Chai Spiced Chocolate Baked Cheesecake
Gingerbread Men/Cake/Brownies...
Christmas Tree Cupcakes

And some more examples of Christmas bake ideas from my old Glasgow Baking Club.